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The Ezra Home Care Blog

29 Nov

5 Ways to Reduce Family Caregiver Stress When Your Loved One Needs Constant Care at Home

Stress, exhaustion and burnout are extremely common for family caregivers who spend time providing care to a loved one. You want to do everything you ...
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27 Nov

How Do I Talk to a Loved One Who is Dying?

We don't like to think about it, but at some point we will have to say goodbye to someone we love. If your parent, spouse, relative or close friend ...
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24 Nov

Dad Suffers From Diabetic Nerve Pain and Vision Problems: How Can I Keep Him Safe at Home?

Life expectancy is on the rise, but so too is the number of US citizens suffering from Type II Diabetes. According to the American Diabetes ...
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22 Nov

Don’t Face the Role of Caregiver to Your Elderly Parent Alone

Despite being entirely focused around the needs of another, the role of caregiver can be a lonely one, not to mention emotionally and physically ...
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20 Nov

How Do I Prevent My Elderly Parent from Having Another Fall at Home?

A fall in the home for an elderly person can result in a serious, potentially life-threatening injury. If your parent has already had a fall scare, ...
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17 Nov

How Do I Talk To My Children About Their Grandparent’s Dementia?

Dealing with your parent’s dementia diagnosis can be a challenging time, and it can feel extra difficult when you're faced with the task of ...
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15 Nov

I Want to Care for my Elderly Parent at Home, But I Need Respite Too!

Caring for a loved one is an admirable, but also exhausting and challenging, role to take on. Many adult children end up as a caregiver to an elderly ...
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13 Nov

What to Say (and What Not to Say) When Communicating With a Loved One Who Has Dementia

When someone you love has dementia, their behavior is likely to change, and sometimes conversations can become difficult. Knowing the dos and don'ts ...
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10 Nov

Dad’s Hip Surgery Means He Faces Mobility Issues: What Can I Do to Help Make His Return from the Hospital Safe?

In the long term, hip replacement surgery almost always improves mobility and quality of life. However, in the weeks following surgery, keeping to a ...
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08 Nov

If You’re Suffering from Caregiver Fatigue Now Mom Needs Long-Term Care, Home Care Can Help

Mobility issues, fragility, forgetfulness and loneliness; watching your parent age can be very difficult. Knowing that you can’t be there for them ...
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