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The Ezra Home Care Blog

18 Dec

7 Things to Consider When Caring for a Loved One With Alzheimer’s During the Holiday Season

When someone close to you has dementia, including Alzheimer’s, special occasions and celebrations can become more difficult, both for them, and for ...
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01 Dec

My Loved One is Receiving ECT Treatments for Mental Health Issues: How Can I Provide Care at Home?

If the somewhat daunting term 'Electroshock Therapy' has been recommended by your loved one’s medical team, you might be wondering how it will affect ...
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17 Nov

How Do I Talk To My Children About Their Grandparent’s Dementia?

Dealing with your parent’s dementia diagnosis can be a challenging time, and it can feel extra difficult when you're faced with the task of ...
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13 Nov

What to Say (and What Not to Say) When Communicating With a Loved One Who Has Dementia

When someone you love has dementia, their behavior is likely to change, and sometimes conversations can become difficult. Knowing the dos and don'ts ...
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08 Nov

If You’re Suffering from Caregiver Fatigue Now Mom Needs Long-Term Care, Home Care Can Help

Mobility issues, fragility, forgetfulness and loneliness; watching your parent age can be very difficult. Knowing that you can’t be there for them ...
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03 Nov

Can Mom Keep Her Dignity Even If She Needs Long-Term Care?

Making the decision to get help with the care of your elderly parent is a big and important step. For many people, the real challenge comes with ...
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30 Oct

Mom’s Alzheimer’s is Causing Her to Repeat Herself. What Can I Do to Take the Stress Out of Our Communication?

Learning how to communicate with a family member who has dementia, including Alzheimer's, takes time and patience. If you feel that conversations ...
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23 Oct

What's Going On with My Parent's Dementia?

Coping with the news that your mom or dad has been diagnosed with a long-term, progressive decline in their mental ability is a lot to take in. You ...
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16 Oct

Finding the Right Home Care Provider for Your Elderly Parent When Time is Short

If you have an elderly loved one who is suddenly being discharged from the hospital after a health crisis, or a parent with a worsening illness who ...
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27 Sep

How Do I Communicate with Mom When Her Dementia Affects Her Memory?

For years, she gave you life advice, but now she can barely remember the days of the week. How do you re-establish your communication pattern with ...
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