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The Ezra Home Care Blog

17 Nov

How Do I Talk To My Children About Their Grandparent’s Dementia?

Dealing with your parent’s dementia diagnosis can be a challenging time, and it can feel extra difficult when you're faced with the task of ...
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13 Nov

What to Say (and What Not to Say) When Communicating With a Loved One Who Has Dementia

When someone you love has dementia, their behavior is likely to change, and sometimes conversations can become difficult. Knowing the dos and don'ts ...
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06 Nov

How Can I Make Sure My Elderly Parent Is Taking the Medication Required to Keep Their Mental Health Issues in Check?

As many as one in five of the senior population in the US suffer from at least one mental health issue, according to the National Academies of ...
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30 Oct

Mom’s Alzheimer’s is Causing Her to Repeat Herself. What Can I Do to Take the Stress Out of Our Communication?

Learning how to communicate with a family member who has dementia, including Alzheimer's, takes time and patience. If you feel that conversations ...
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25 Oct

My Parent’s Changes in Behavior Are Becoming Unmanageable: What Can I Do?

Being at the receiving end of increasingly bad behavior from an elderly parent with cognitive or mental health issues can be very difficult; you can ...
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18 Oct

It’s No Longer Safe for Dad to Drive: How Can You Get Him to Hand Over the Car Keys?

There may come a time when you feel it's no longer safe for your elderly parent to drive. But how can you convince Dad (or Mom) to hand over the car ...
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13 Oct

Does Dad Have Depression After his Stroke?: Here’s a Warning Sign Checklist

If your dad is recovering from a major stroke, he could be at a heightened risk of depression. When somebody has a stroke, there can be very serious ...
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22 Sep

Dad Refuses Home Care: Now What?

Pride, fear, not accepting the facts of aging - these are just some of the reasons behind an older person's refusal to accept Home Care when they ...
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