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Benefits of homecare

There has been an immense growth of homecare in the world of healthcare after the pandemic. Some statistics presented in recent studies allow us to see a variety of benefits, which homecare brings not only to patients, but also to medical institutions and society itself.


  • Improved Outcomes and Satisfaction

Homecare patients have demonstrated better health outcomes in comparison to hospital patients. In the 2023 survey, homecare patients recorded a 78% improvement in their health situation, while only about 59% of hospital patients reported such an improvement. The results of the study also showed that the patient satisfaction scores were significantly higher for patients in homecare, as a result of personalized attention and the comfort of their own homes.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

One major advantage of homecare is its cost-effectiveness. For instance, a report issued in 2023 states that homecare costs about 30% less than institutional care for similar health conditions. 

  • Reduction in Hospital Readmissions

Homecare also contributes to a significant decrease in hospital readmission rates, preventing early return. Homecare patients had a 25% lower risk of readmission within the first month after discharge, as compared to those who did not receive homecare. The key factor that contributes to this is the constant and personalized care given to patients, which helps to better manage chronic conditions and detect possible complications earlier.

  • Enhanced Accessibility for Patients

Homecare gives access to proper care to patients living in remote areas and to those with limited mobility. Recent figures revealed that homecare has increased the level of healthcare accessibility by 4%. This is an important step towards equality in healthcare.

  • Psychological Benefits

The psychological effects of homecare are often not mentioned, however, their benefit is significant. According to the mental health survey done in 2023, patients receiving homecare had decreased the symptoms of depression and anxiety by 35%, in comparison to those in traditional healthcare settings. Being in a familiar environment, as well as being surrounded by family members can lower stress among patients.

  • Easing the Pressure on Hospitals

Homecare also helps to decrease the patient load in hospitals. Homecare can help to reduce hospital occupancy by 20%. This not only enhances the quality of care in hospitals but also ensures that resources are used efficiently.

These statistics help us to understand how homecare can serve as a crucial component of the healthcare system. Homecare is not simply an alternative but a step towards a more effective model of healthcare, where the care is personalized. 

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A live- in caregiver is a great long-term option for those people that may need assistance with day-to-day tasks. Our caregivers assist with chores such as housekeeping, cooking, personal hygiene and appointment escorts.

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“After hospice put me in the horrible position I called Ezra in a panic. They were kind and compassionate and moved mountains to get me a trained aide at the last moment. Everyone I was in contact with was kind and sympathetic and called after to offer condolences. I was impressed with everyone I spoke to and met. I would highly recommend them.”

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