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Ezra Home Care: Unwavering Support for Israel Against Hamas Terrorism and Its Backers


By selecting & employing compassionate and experienced caregivers, Ezra Home Care ensures that individuals receive the quality support and assistance they require while also feeling understood and valued. An Ezra Home Care Caregivers is someone that we would trust with our own loved ones.


Selecting the perfect caregiver involves more than just aligning your needs with the skills of a qualified individual. Our objective is to establish a personal connection between you, your family, and the caregiver(s) placed in your home. That's why, when needed, we provide all our clients with a summary about the caregiver(s) during the planning phase.

We are one of few elite agencies that has been accredited by the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts (HCA); recognized for having high operational and quality standards including fair employment practices, caregiver background screening, training and supervision, insurance coverage, and compliance with all applicable federal, state & local laws.

Embody integrity, compassion, and kindness
Hold all of the necessary certifications and licenses
Have outstanding references
Undergo a criminal background investigation (CORI)
Participate in educational programs, training and review sessions offered by Ezra Home Care

Join Our Team of Caregivers. Make a difference!

Why Work with Ezra Home Care?

  • Flexibility - we work to meet the scheduling needs of our caregivers
  • Compensation - competitive salary and benefit program.
  • Integrity - work with a company and team that encourages your ideals.
  • Incentives - recognition program for exceptional performance

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