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Hourly Home Care

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Are you concerned about getting the best hourly daycare service? Or have you ever wondered if it were possible to get hourly care near you? Put your worries aside because you are at the right place to get comprehensive information about hourly home care and how this service can best serve you and your loved ones.
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What is Hourly Home Care?

The concept of hourly care is to make adaptive home care at the disposal of the people who require special support to remain independent in their various homes, with a care package to meet all of their needs.

Hourly home care service comprises one-on-one care provisions that last for a minimum of 1 hour. This service can also last for longer periods and even include sleepovers.

What Kind of Services Can You Enjoy From Hourly Care?

Hourly home care services are rendered to support people with a broad range of activities. Some of the services to be provided by different hourly home care assistants include:

Personal Home Care and Hygiene

One of the hourly care services a carer would provide is catering to your personal needs such as lavatory, personal hygiene, grooming, and dressing. All of these services are provided with discretion and dignity.


Hourly care also provides medication services with the help of trade personnel that will deliver and manage the administration of specific medications.

Essential Support

Hourly home care providers are keen on ensuring that patients receive help with shopping and the organization of online deliveries.

Nutrition and Meal Preparation

Another crucial service of a provider is nutrition and meal preparation. For people that do not have direct access to healthy nutrition and will not mind getting a hand to support, hourly home care can be considered a viable option.

Hourly Specialist Care

While hourly home care service providers are concerned about the well-being of their patients, they could also render special support to people who have complex health conditions like cerebral edema or Parkinson's disease. As part of special hourly care provision, health monitoring is also held in high esteem according to the preference of each provider.

Management of Deterioration

The majority of clients are often prescribed effective drug dosages within the shortest time possible to prevent and manage health deterioration. Drugs such as antibiotics are often prescribed from a pharmacy to combat identified infections using fundamental sign checks.

This has led to a significant decrease in the percentage of hospital admissions.

Personal Home Care

Hourly home care highlights personal care for clients with special needs. A good example is the administration of personal home care to people who require some aid with walking from their wheelchair to the bed and vice versa.

Know When it's Time To Schedule an Hourly Home Care Service

The beauty of having hourly home care delivered to clients entails the provision of unique privileges for people in a bid to assist them manage their schedule while enabling them to receive home care service providers to be available at any chosen convenience.

Most hourly home care companies have customized plans for their clients to work with daily. These plans can be adjusted based on demand with the unwavering goal to ensure that customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Depending on the type of hourly home care service provider that you have access to you will find the most affordable plants that still provide high value.

Values of a Typical Hourly Care Program

When it comes to identifying which hourly home care service is best for your condition, you must take note of certain parameters. We have highlighted below some of the values of an ideal hourly care program.

  • 24/7 Customers Support
    An ideal home care program should give families the chance to air their inquiries and complaints and not restrict access to customer support.
  • Fast and Adaptive Scheduling
    Having the knowledge on how to provide quality home daycare service is one thing; having the right tools to execute such scheduling plans is another. For an hourly home care provider to be considered, there is a need to have adaptive and quick scheduling programs. This will enable clients to notify them of any change in an initial agreement.
  • Family Support
    Family support and health maintenance are not to be undermined when it boils down to proper hourly home care service. They should be a robust program that accommodates personal and family health support.

Getting the Best out of Hourly Home Care Near Me

You too can get the best from an hourly home care service at Ezra Home Care. We will help your loved ones with their daily activities and ultimately ensure that they maintain their health and dignity without having to worry about huge costs. 

Ezra Home Care has developed a specialized program to enable clients to remain in their homes safely for as long as possible and avoid unnecessary hospitalization. Our caregivers complete a comprehensive training program to understand the disease process and learn strategies to manage difficult behaviors. Key areas of training are communication skills, safety concerns, managing challenging behaviors, engaging clients in meaningful activities and activities of daily living.

We recognize that each client has unique care needs that change overtime. Re-evaluation of each care plan is completed regularly and adjustments are made as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select caregivers to join the Ezra Home Care team?

Our caregivers undergo a rigorous screening process including a criminal background investigation, certification or licensing verification (in applicable positions), and a thorough reference check. The caregivers that we select are all people that we would want to take care of our own loved ones.

How do I know that I or my loved one will be assigned a caregiver that is a good fit?

First we will conduct a free Safety and Needs Assessment of your loved one or of your current situation. The Safety and Needs Assessment will allow us to customize a care schedule and determine the type of caregiver your loved one or you may need. Then we will give you and your family the chance to meet with several caregivers that match your needs and schedule.

What if the caregiver I am assigned is not a good match for me?

If you find, for any reason, that you would prefer to try another caregiver we will find a replacement for you.

What if I only need help for an hour or two?

No problem. At Ezra Home Care, we have no minimum hour requirements.

If I already live in an assisted living community, can I still use your services?

Absolutely. Many of our clients need more care than an assisted living community can provide but do not want to live in a nursing home. As long as your community approves, we can supplement your care services so that you can remain as independent as possible.

What if I’ve already moved into a nursing home, but still want services that Ezra Home Care offers?

We are happy to assist you no matter where you live. If you find that you’d like a companion to talk to, an escort to an appointment or any type of assistance beyond your nursing home’s services, we are there for you.

Ezra Home Care is a “private pay” service. What does that mean?

Private pay means that services are paid for using personal income or assets—without aid from insurance or government benefits. We would be happy to discuss pricing details with you directly.

Are there any other ways to pay for private home care services?

Yes, there are other available options:
  • Long term care insurance
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Veterans Administrations
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • State and local programs, community organizations
  • Viatical Settlement

Why choose Ezra Home Care over a franchise?

Ezra Home Care is large enough to handle all of your home care needs, yet small enough to give you the personalized service and care you deserve. Since Ezra Home Care is privately owned, we have a greater flexibility of accommodating our clients' needs. We are not bound by territory, and are capable of providing continued care even when our clients are being relocated to another areas. Our decision-making process is more efficient than that of a franchise because all of our decisions are made right in the office, without the need for a comparatively lengthy corporate approval process. Schedule a free Needs and Safety Assessment and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Ezra has really come through for us and I recommend them without hesitation. They are highly responsive, providing appropriate care when you need it whether it involves a few hours of companionship or around the clock care. They provide regular updates to the family and respond almost immediately to every inquiry or concern. Our family is fortunate to have Ezra by our side and thank them for everything they have done for us.”

David Greenberg

“After hospice put me in the horrible position I called Ezra in a panic. They were kind and compassionate and moved mountains to get me a trained aide at the last moment. Everyone I was in contact with was kind and sympathetic and called after to offer condolences. I was impressed with everyone I spoke to and met. I would highly recommend them.”

Donna F.

“Very professional and caring agency. They worked hard to match me with the perfect caregiver during my recovery. Thank you.hank you. for us.”

Mindy Dobrow

Schedule a Free Needs
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We listen to your needs and concerns about the kind of care you or your loved one may need.
The information that we gather from the Needs and Safety Assessment will be used to produce a customized and comprehensive care plan for you or your loved one.
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