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Post-Surgical/Orthopedic Program at Ezra Home Care

Sep 10, 2012 |
Posted by Jessica Zelfand |

orthopedic Ezra Home Care has developed a specialized Post-Surgical/Orthopedic Program to better serve our clients that have undergone surgery.  Since it often takes several months for orthopedic surgery patients to heal, and with limited mobility, home care is imperative. In-home care can help orthopedic patients perform activities of daily living and heal properly.

FACT: Millions of people undergo orthopedic surgery each year.  No matter how successful the surgery, proper care at home is imperative for continued healing and potentially avoiding re-hospitalization.  The degree of success in individual recoveries depends on an individual's age, their general health and the medical problem being treated.

Ezra Home Care is committed to assisting every client to recover safely and successfully after a surgical procedure or acute hospitalization. We provide an experienced and reliable team of professionals to ensure a safe, successful transition and continued recovery.

Our team will communicate and collaborate with VNA’s, doctors, physical therapists, and/or hospital/rehab discharge planners to discuss each client’s specific care needs, review current medication lists, and confirm follow- up appointments. Structured “hand-off” communication between the professionals involved ultimately improves the quality of care clients receive and may avoid unnecessary re-hospitalization.

Planning ahead for needs such as transportation to and from surgery and follow-up appointments, prescription and equipment pickup and coordinating care at home is imperative for at least the first 24-hours after discharge. Ezra Home Care is available to provide the support needed.

Core Program Elements

  • Comprehensive client assessment
  • Development and implementation of a client centered care plan
  • Appointment escorts including transportation to and from the hospital
  • 24/7 or live-in care
  • Assistance with physician-directed exercises
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with family members and other care providers
  • Personal care and assistance with activities of daily living
  • Housekeeping, laundry, shopping and meal preparation

Learn more about Ezra Home Care's Specialized Programs.


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 For additional information please contact us at 617-527-9000 or info@ezrahomecare.com

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