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The Ezra Home Care Blog

12 Aug

5 Ways to Reduce Family Caregiver Stress When Your Loved One Needs Care

Stress, exhaustion and burnout are extremely common for family caregivers who spend time providing care to a loved one. You want to do everything you ...
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05 Jun

8 Tips and Strategies to Prevent Falls for Older Adults

Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults and often result in hip fractures, brain injury, immobility, and even early death. Here are ...
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10 Dec

Understanding Differences Between PCAs, HHAs and CNAs

Are you, or someone you know, considering hiring a caregiver for your loved one, but are overwhelmed trying to figure out which type of caregiver ...
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11 Dec

What Can I Do to Help My Parent Recover at Home After a Mini Stroke?

If your loved one suffered a mini stroke, it is a warning sign that they need to make some lifestyle changes. It can also mean changes in your life, ...
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04 Dec

How Will Dad’s Stroke Affect His Life at Home? (And Other Questions You Need to Ask)

When someone has a stroke, it can be a huge shock, not only to the person in question, but also their close family members. By their very nature, ...
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13 Oct

Does Dad Have Depression After his Stroke?: Here’s a Warning Sign Checklist

If your dad is recovering from a major stroke, he could be at a heightened risk of depression. When somebody has a stroke, there can be very serious ...
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29 Sep

Dad’s Had a Stroke: What Will Happen When He Comes Home From the Rehab?

When your parent has a stroke, it can be a huge shock, not just for them, but for you too, and suddenly, there are many things that need to be ...
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27 Sep

5 Foods that Can Trigger a Stroke

Posted by Jessica Zelfand |
this article was taken from Yahoo Health. You can also find more information on how to prevent a stroke through proper diet on Dr. Mercola's blog ...
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06 Sep

Risk' Exposure: Heart Attacks & Other Health Issues

Posted by Jessica Zelfand |
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06 Dec

Reduce Risk of a Heart Attack or Stroke with Senior Fitness

Posted by Margarita Kvacheva |
Recently there has been a rise of interest in Senior Fitness, and there is a good reason for it.
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