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Home Care: Tips for Downsizing your Home

describe the imageRandy Veraguas is an extremely positive person.  Her favorite quote is:  “Every cloud has a silver lining," something she relates to everything, even home downsizing.

She is the creator of “Dare to Downsize a new television show about the challenges of home downsizing.

Today many people are interested in the idea of downsizing for several reasons: they are moving to a smaller house, a retirement community, a nursing home, or a relative's house.  Let’s be honest, this is not an easy transition.  The biggest obstacles are the emotions related to your home and your possessions.  Everything has a memory attached to it.

 “But here are stories of real people, with real everyday fears of downsizing, who found that after they made the move, they were so much happier," Randy states.  "Now, they have more time, they have less stress, and they have more money.  Looking back, they have only regret--'I wish I had done this sooner.'"

Professional help

Moving to a smaller house is a time-consuming and exhausting process for anyone, but especially for seniors.  You have to deal with many tasks, including going through and sorting your possessions, selling unwanted belongings, hiring and overseeing movers and packers, cleaning and waste removal, and even selecting a realtor for selling the old house.

The best and often most inexpensive way to address these daunting tasks is by hiring a "senior move manager."

What are Senior Move Managers?

Senior move managers are organizations that assists older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation.  They are not just moving companies, but can do anything from developing the overall move plan, to helping you selling your unwanted belongings.  Move managers also have a network of specialists who help their clients sell valuable possessions and donate less marketable goods to charities.  They work with auctioneers, gun dealers, book sellers, and eBay specialists.

Senior move managers also work with real estate agents who specialize in selling property for elderly clients, and help clients to find a new destination.  Additionally, senior move managers often assist people who choose to stay in their homes, but simply need help with the organization of their belongings in order to live comfortably.

Senior Move Managers Association (NASMM)

NASMM provides professional accreditation for Senior Move Management companies by reviewing them for insurance and experience requirements prior to acceptance.

That’s why NASMM is a good source for finding the senior moving company that is right for you.  You can find a list of the senior moving companies in Massachusetts at the NASMM website.

I would recommend checking out the “Dare to Downsize” website for helpful tips and professional advice about the psychological, physical, and even legal aspects of home downsizing.

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