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Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Home Care Company

When choosing the right home care company to take care of your loved one, asking the right question might make all the difference. Here are some essential questions to guide you through the agency hiring process:

1. Will you take care of all the payroll paperwork, including the latest tax laws and in-kind benefits for the caregiver?

Employing someone for in-home care usually involves a lot of necessary documentation, including documents relating to taxes. This aspect is handled by the majority of home care companies, but it is better to clarify this given its importance. Ezra Home Care looks after all the necessary paperwork so that our clients can have a pleasant and worry-free experience.


  1. Do you have Medicare approval?

Agencies with Medicare certification are the ones that are paid through Medicare. Our main revenue source is private pay services, however, we do accept the Long Term Care insurance programs which simplify the payment process for our patients.


  1. Can my parent and I also be involved in the caregiver selection process?

Being involved in the process of finding a caregiver increases loyalty and gives you the ability to choose the most suitable candidate. The matching process at Ezra Home Care is built around the notions of personality and preferences, with families playing a key role in the decision-making process.


  1. What background checks do you conduct on your candidates?

Trust is a decisive point when it comes to hiring the person who will take care of your relative. Ezra conducts in-depth background checks, which cover criminal history, driving records, and health screenings, to guarantee the safety and health of our clients.


  1. Have you checked the driving history of applicants?

We put a lot of focus on the applicant’s driving history to protect the patients from road accidents, since the caregivers are often engaged as drivers.


  1. Are your caregivers bonded?

Bonding provides additional insurance coverage, offering peace of mind in case of accidents or damages. Ezra Home Care ensures bonding for all caregivers, enhancing client confidence in our services.


  1. Are the caregivers also trained within your company?

Further training for caregivers is crucial to ensure high-quality care. This includes medical training that is relevant to their field and education about the new care techniques and procedures. Ezra Home Care commits to expanding the knowledge of our care providers by keeping up with the highest standards of service.


  1. Is the caregiver your staff or an independent contractor?

Distinguishing clear positions between employees and independent contractors is an essential guideline for the division of responsibilities and control. Ezra Home Care’s employment is done in-house.


  1. What special guidance and assistance do you provide to caregivers?

The regular check-ins and the additional support ensure that the caregivers are fully optimized. Ezra Home Care prioritizes open communication channels and offers caregivers transparent support.


  1. What will you do about cases of caregiver vacations and substitutes?

It is important to ensure coverage of clients throughout sick days, vacations, and holidays. Ezra Home Care arranges for substitute caregivers when the caregivers are not present, maintaining the regular routines of our clients.


  1. Where is your caregiver turnover rate, and, how do you maintain employee satisfaction?

Low employee turnover means that employees are satisfied and wish to continue with their caregiving. The low turnover rate at Ezra Home Care (3%) is largely because we value our staff's welfare and work satisfaction as per our usual practice.


  1. How do you sort out the conflicts between the client and the caregivers?

Flexibility and conflict resolution strategies are important to maintain good relations. Ezra Home Care services are put forward to help in resolving conflicts and enhancing client-caregiver fit.


  1. Is there a possibility to contact the current clients and ask about their satisfaction with the service?

We will make sure that you can get several references to form an independent opinion about the service provided.


  1. Do you have a contract with the insurance companies?

Understanding payment options including insurance coverage is important when selecting home care agencies. The Ezra Home Care Agency accepts long-term care insurance, providing an easy-to-use payment system for the client's benefit.

These questions can serve as a guide through the interview process. These will help you to find the most suitable caregiver for your loved one.

Founded in 2008, Ezra Home Care offers live-in home care, 24-hour care, and hourly senior care.
All our caregivers are state-certified and provide services like personal carehousekeepingcompanionship, help with medication, and transportation assistance. We've spent 15 years refining our caregiver selection process to ensure families' peace of mind. Reach out for details and quotes.

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