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Shadow | Caregiver Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog

Shadow Therapy Dog Caregiver


Therapy Dog

Shadow was born in April 2010 in Tennessee and had six brothers and one sister. Since he was a puppy, Shadow demonstrated the qualities and temperament needed to be a good therapy dog; he’s even-keeled, loving, and easily acclimates to new people and situations.

Pet therapy training began when Shadow was just nine weeks old. After many years of training, he received his Good Canine Citizen certification from MSPCA/Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston (2013), his Pet Therapy Team training and certification from Bright Spots Pet Therapy and the American Kennel Club Association (2013), was accepted into Boston Children’s Hospital “Paw Prints” program (2014), and Hebrew Senior Life’s Pet Volunteer program (2014).

Shadow brings joy to people living in facilities including, Hebrew Senior Life, Benchmark, Epoch, Sunrise, and others.

Why Senior Care? Shadow and his handler, Susan Z. Robins, have a deep affection for seniors and adults with disabilities. Shadow looks forward to visiting his special friends in assisted living facilities and homes where we volunteer each week. His favorite part is licking food crumbs off people’s clothes, but he also thinks the wheel chairs, walkers, and canes are really cool!

Fun Facts: When he is not “working”, Shadow loves to run in the dog park and play with friends at doggie daycare. His favorite hobbies include giving kisses, cuddling on the couch, and eating dog-treats (not necessarily in this order)! Shadow does not like bath time!

To schedule a pet-therapy visit, just call the office at 617-527-9000, or email to info@ezrahomecare.com