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There’s No Way Mom’s Going to an Assisted Living Community, But What Options Do I Have?

Dec 26, 2017 |

If you're currently spending time at your mom’s house over the holiday season, or have just returned from a prolonged stay with her, it may have become clear that she is no longer able to live safely by herself. You suspected her cognitive ability was declining, but now your worst fears have been realized; Mom needs some help. But, you’ve got work and other commitments, and you know she will never agree to an assisted living community.


Quite often, adult children of a senior person realize just how much help their mom or dad needs at home following an extended visit. Over the holidays, you might have noticed that your mom is no longer able to do many things on her own. Even since your last visit, she may seem less capable of managing day to day tasks without at least some assistance.

For adult children who work full-time, are raising families, or don't live nearby, it can be hard to know what to do next. You want to be there as much as possible, but life is too demanding to allow it. For the older person who may have been masking their true needs for some time, there is also likely to be apprehension, and perhaps embarrassment, in front of loved ones who are starting to realize that you need some help.

It's also quite common, that a conversation about - “I'll never be put in a nursing home” has been ongoing for a number of years, probably long before there was ever a need for any real decisions to be made. This all-too-common mentality can make it difficult to broach the subject.

Your mom may not be the only one averse to an assisted living community – it may be something you would rather not consider, due to the expense, or the fact that you don’t like the idea of your elderly parent having to move out of the place they have called home for many years.

There is, however, an alternative solution that can help your mom feel secure and cared for, and can be a better solution for your whole family. Home Care is ideal for people who need assistance, but have a strong desire to stay in their own home. Rather than feeling a loss of independence or dignity, Home Care actually empowers older people to remain independent for as long as possible.

A Home Care Aide Can Help In Many Ways

  • If your Mom has mobility issues due to surgery, or a condition such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis, and can't get around the home safely any longer, they can assist with daily routines such as preparing for bed, bathing or light housework.
  • If your mom has cognitive issues due to dementia, including Alzheimer’s, or is simply suffering from memory loss, which means she is prone to forgetting to take her medication (or turning off appliances), a Home Care Aide can help with medication reminders.
  • If Mom’s mobility is preventing her from leaving the house and socializing, leading to increased feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression, a Home Care companion can offer friendly and compassionate company, and social outlets.

If your mom is resistant to the idea of Home Care, explain to her that a Home Care Aide is a qualified professional who can help promote her independence, while keeping her safe. A simple call to the house each day, a few hours of caregiving at a time, or even 24*7 care, are all options available to you and your Mom. All you need to do is find the right Home Care company for you, and a Home Care caregiver who your mom will enjoy spending time with.

Home Care can be a welcome, easy solution for anyone who wants to see their elderly parent continue to lead a normal life, for as long as possible. There is no need for routine disruption, no system to fall in with and, crucially, no upheaval from a home they have loved for many years.

Start talking to your mom openly and sensitively about the possibility of Home Care, and include her in the decision process from the outset. Once she realizes how much more independence Home Care can afford her, your mom will hopefully welcome the idea.

Find out how Ezra Home Care can provide the compassionate and expert care your mom needs, while still keeping her independence. Please contact our dedicated staff and schedule a free safety assessment:

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