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Debunking the Home Care Myths You May Have After Mom’s Heart Attack

Dec 29, 2017 |

Sudden illness or a major medical incident, such as a heart attack, can be a huge shock for an older person. Until recently, your mom may have been living an independent life. Now, she must face a long recovery and assistance with her care. This health incident will probably impact on the entire family, as you will need to figure out who is going to take on the role of caring for Mom during her recovery.


The good news is that Home Care is an easy and effective option. The list below helps to debunk the myths you, or your mom, may have about Home Care.

Myth: Once I Hire a Home Care Company, I Won't Have Any Say in My Parent's Care Plan

Home Care aides are there to help you and your family, not take over your mom or dad's care, altogether! It is understandable that you might be resistant to sharing the responsibility of care - even if you know that you need a break.  A good Home Care company will ensure you, and your parent, are included and involved in all the decisions that need to be made regarding keeping Mom safe and comfortable at home. They bring their expertise and compassion, but you still make the decisions regarding your loved one’s level of care.

Myth: Home Care is Just for Long Term Care / Short Term Care

One of the biggest myths around Home Care is that it simply won't be suitable for an individual's specific needs, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Home Care is actually much more flexible than hospital or assisted living facility care, where your parent will be expected to fall in with the routines of the facility. Home Care can be completely tailored to your parent's needs, and can be increased or reduced as required.

It's very common for Home Care to be introduced following a health crisis such as a heart attack, a stroke, or surgery, to provide immediate, full-time care, and then to reduce it as the client's health improves. But it's also extremely common to hire a Home Care aide for an elderly parent with a progressive illness such as Parkinson'sMultiple Sclerosis, or dementia, including Alzheimer's, with the Home Health Aide becoming more involved as their needs change.

In the case of your mom’s heart attack or heart condition diagnosis, a Home Care aide can provide support for several hours per day, for example, to help with daily activities and medication reminders when you can’t be there. As your mom recovers, they can also reduce the level of assistance required, providing support in the form of escorts to medical appointments on a one-hour per week basis.  

Myth: My Mom Will Lose Her Independence if We Hire a Home Care Company

Relying on the assistance of a Home Care company won’t take away your mom’s independence. Instead, it will help keep her safe so that she can continue to participate in the things she enjoys.

A Home Care Aide will provide support for your mom in her own home, which means putting off more drastic decisions such as moving into an assisted living community. Additionally, it reduces the need for family caregivers to juggle work and care commitments, or to have to rely on friends or family to help with daily activities. Instead, a reliable Home Care aide can be leaned on to ensure that mom is maintaining her active lifestyle.

Myth: Letting Someone New Into the House to Care for Mom Could Be Dangerous

Choosing a reputable Home Care company is vital; they will have measures in place to hire the most experienced caregivers who have the necessary certifications and outstanding references.

Additionally, caregivers should have successfully passed a full criminal background investigation (CORI), and undergone regularly scheduled educational programs, training and performance reviews. Often, Home Care aides become valued companions to their clients. Among the many benefits of hiring a Home Care company is that the happy, unexpected outcome for many elderly people is that they build a friendship, for life.

Myth: Home Care Won’t Be Enough Because Mom Needs Care 24*7

If your mom’s needs require someone to be with them on a full-time basis, you might think that it's no longer possible for them to live at home. An assisted living facility is not your only option, so before you rush into a big decision about moving your parent out of their loving home, consider Home Care. Yes, you can get Home Care for people who need a caregiver with them 24*7.

The best way to find out if Home Care is right for you and your mom is to get in touch with a reputable company for a free Needs and Safety assessment. This will help you find the right level of care, and help debunk any more of those myths that are getting in the way of considering the best options for your mom's future.  

To find out how Ezra Home Care can provide the tailored care assistance your mom needs after her heart attack, contact our compassionate and expert team.

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