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Ezra Home Care: Age Gracefully or Live Forever?

Scientists all over the world work day and night to find elixir of youth. They are determined to find a formula that will make us immortal. They are on the mission to make us live forever.

Over 100 years ago average life expectancy was between 43-48 years. In our days due to the life style, baby boomers have a life expectancy between 75-80 years depending on the gender; women seem to have better chances of living longer. Scientists predict that elderly population will double by 2025, and our life expectancy will get to be 120 or even more by 2050.

So here is the big question: Do you really want to live forever? Does living for the sake of living longer have any meaning? What is the fun in risking things if you know you will live forever?

living forever


We’ve all heard this famous quote: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” We know that it is questionable; it all depends on a person and his or her personality. Some risk their life every day and try to live it to the fullest and others are more content and happy by spending their days at home with their loved ones.  

When we are asked the question “would like to live forever?” We spit out “sure” without even thinking about it, but here are a couple of facts that should be considered:

 1. Time flies. As we age, time contracts exponentially. Einstein‘s theory of time relativity stops to be theory. That means that any year over age 100 will fly by so quickly that it will be hardly noticed. (1)

2. Noses and ears grow.  With age, while all our other body parts start to shrink our noses and ears do the opposite, they never stop growing. Just imagine NEVER! So the natural question is: “Do you want the nose of a 120-year-old man or woman? Would you want to have abnormally large ears? (1)


1. Retrieved on November 5th, 2010 from Suddenly Senior  http://www.suddenlysenior.com/liveforever.html

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All our caregivers are state-certified and provide services like personal carehousekeepingcompanionship, help with medication, and transportation assistance. We've spent 15 years refining our caregiver selection process to ensure families' peace of mind. Reach out for details and quotes.

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