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The Ezra Home Care Blog

09 Oct

What Fall Dangers Are Lurking in Your Elderly Parent’s Home?

One in three seniors aged 65 and over suffer a fall every single year, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The ...
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06 Oct

Dad’s Multiple Sclerosis is Getting Worse: What are the Steps to Making His Life Safer?

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive neurological condition that affects a person's mobility. Depending on how long your Dad has been living with his ...
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02 Oct

3 Things to Do Before Mom Leaves The Hospital With Decreased Mobility

Your mom is ready to be discharged from the hospital, but what do you do when you, and your elderly parent, are not prepared for the changes that may ...
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29 Sep

Dad’s Had a Stroke: What Will Happen When He Comes Home From the Rehab?

When your parent has a stroke, it can be a huge shock, not just for them, but for you too, and suddenly, there are many things that need to be ...
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25 Sep

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Home Care Company For Your Parent

When everyday tasks start to become more difficult, or illness results in a decline in memory function or mobility, it's natural for adult children ...
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08 May

3 Important Tips for Caregivers from a Physical Therapist

Posted by Jane Zhdanova |
Every month the Ezra Home Care team invites certified professionals in geriatric care to provide trainings to the caregivers and answer their ...
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24 Apr

Adaptive Clothing: Home Care Dressing Made Easier

Posted by Jane Zhdanova |
For many seniors and other individuals with temporary or permanent disabilities, dressing can be a real challenge. They may have difficulty dressing ...
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30 Jan

Senior Falls. Medical Alert Systems for Senior Home Care

Posted by Jane Zhdanova |
Many of us have parents who live alone, and we’re always concerned about their safety. What if they fell and no one was around to help?
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09 Feb

Preventing Falls - Tips for Senior Home Care

Posted by Jessica Zelfand |
Written by Alyson Theran, Co founder of Movers & Stagers
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26 Dec

Diabetic Home Care Tips: Creating a Safe Home Environment

Posted by Jessica Zelfand |
Diabetes can cause health complications but with proper care and home modifications people can stay safely in their homes.  Diabetes effect on hearing
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